Are you looking for a new career? Maybe Creepy Creatures has what you are looking for. ***NO  CALLS PLEASE*** CSR/Office Management Work from home!
7:30am EST-4pm EST Knowledge of ServeSuite pest control software is huge! We are looking for someone that can help us with rapid growth by serving our community with honestly and integrity. You MUST be organized and be willing to contribute to improving systems and be part of the team as we grow. We don't have much corporate jargon to put in here, we want you to know that we are humans with family and know that you are most likely the same 🙂 We are a very veteran friendly company and are grateful for their service. Responsibilities
  • Answer phones
  • Make appointments
  • Sell pest control over the phone
  • Input data into ServeSuite
  • Schedule jobs
  • General client service
  • Follow up phone calls
  • Thank you notes
  • Quick response to leads such as Home Advisor
  • Work with technicians to deliver awesome client service
MAJOR PLUS- Familiar with ServeSuite pest control software Knowledge of payroll also a major plus 🙂

About Creepy Creatures, Inc.:

Creepy Creatures, Inc. is a small but growing company with a great reputation in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. We believe that a company has a responsibility to care for those in their community. The stronger we are with a company, the more lives we can change, both people and animals. To know who we are, Google our owner Dusty Showers Creepy Creatures, Inc. helps an elderly, disabled hoarder over run with rats Creepy Creatures, Inc. Dusty Showers crawls through a storm drain to rescue an old chihuahua
Applicants please email           Technician North Pinellas County and Tampa, Florida We are seeking a person for a difficult job. It requires working in the Florida summer heat, climbing ladders and roofs and crawling your way through attics. You deal overwhelmingly with rats; you will become an elite rat expert. That also includes rat proofing homes. Some days will be long. You will learn to become proficient in catching snakes, raccoons, opossums, bats and armadillos. You must be a problem solver. You will handle wildlife, though most of your days are dealing with rats and pest control. If you are lucky, you will progress to dealing with bees and yellow jackets. Creepy Creatures, Inc. leads with compassion. We care for people and we care for animals. That is not corporate jargon, it is what we do. Experience is not necessary, in fact we prefer you have no experience in pest control or with nuisance wildlife. Unlike our competitors, we measure our success with wildlife by how many problems we can solve by not trapping animals rather than by how many animals we can trap. (Except for rats) You most likely will not get rich, $40-$50k is a reasonable expectation of wages. You MUST have a clean driving record We provide a vehicle that you keep at your home. It is lettered and may have a ladder rack. This may not be for you if you cannot keep a vehicle like that at your home. This is not a personal vehicle for your personal use. This is a full time position. Normally from about 9ish-5ish. Some days will be later, some may be earlier. Some days start off looking easy and end up long. If you are not flexible, this is not the job for you. Weekends may be required at times though not all day at the time of this writing. We are growing quickly and there may be room for advancement for the right person. The right person will be
  • a strong communicator
  • great with heights
  • handy with tools
  • be a problem solver
EMAIL RESUMES to ***NO CALLS PLEASE*** *Veterans are VERY welcome to apply We are not in a hurry to hire. We are looking for just the right person. We put a high value on our customers and they expect us to represent Creepy Creatures as the best. If you are reading this and wondering if face tattoo may work against you, unless it is an American flag face tattoo you are probably right. We currently do not drug test, however if your Facebook is full of you smoking weed, unless you are sick, you may not be the right person for the job. We don't care what you do in your free time, but this job is too dangerous and tricky for us to worry about being high. Be prepared to answer the question "Where does your hat belong during the National Anthem?" If you think you are the right person for the job, we look forward to hearing from you. Again, no calls. Email dusty showers and opossum