Bed Bugs Infest Tampa Bay

January 17, 2017

Bed Bugs Are Invading Beds Across Tampa Bay!

It doesn't matter if you bit messy or if you have a full time cleaning staff...bed bugs can show up anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area. Whether you are in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete, Palm Harbor, Largo or one is safe from these little blood suckers. Now there is no need to move out and risk heating up and melting your things in your home. New products are guaranteed effective and safe when used according to the label. Do not live with these guys. They will bite their victim and suck their blood while they sleep. Many people have no idea where they picked up bed bugs but once you get it, you know it.  

Don't Be A Victim Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs infesting a bed in Tampa Bay. When bed bugs in Tampa Bay attack, things can get scary. Imagine waking up to having tiny bugs crawling all over you, biting and sucking your blood. And when you smash them they leave little blood stains everywhere... Tampa, Odessa, Clearwater, Oldsmar, St. Pete, Palm Harbor, Dunedin, Safety Harbor and Largo Florida are all susceptible to bed bug infestations. You can treat them chemically, with heat or freeze them. Up until now, chemical treatments were not always reliable and left an odor. Now a product is available that not only kills on contact but also leaves a residual AND can safely be applied to the mattress as according to the label. This means you do not need to vacate you home and nothing in your home is at risk of melting. You don't have to be hostage to these biting, sucking little buggers 🙂 Dusty Showers of Creepy Creatures offers a 100% guarantee and VERY competitive pricing for bed bugs in the Tampa Bay Area! 727-488-5657
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Close up of bed bug

Close up of a bed bug

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“Dusty arrived on time and soon diagnosed our problem, then set out to fix it. We had a follow-up issue and he was quick to help us solve our bug problems. Would highly recommend!” —Safety Harbor
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