Remove Toxic Animal Feces!

rats in the attic

When animals live in your attic, they don't go outside to use the restroom...they go in your attic. Not only do raccoons, rats, opossums, bats and squirrels damage your insulation, they also carry disease and bacteria that can spread into your home.

Over time, your insulation becomes less efficient. It becomes even less effective when you have animals matting it down resulting in higher A/C bills!

Creepy Creatures, Inc. will:

  • Remove all animals from the attic
  • Seal all access points
  • Remove all of the old, soiled insulation 
  • Treat the entire attic with a disinfecting, enzyme treatment
  • Apply insecticide to prevent bugs from living and breeding in the attic
  • Install new, energy efficient insulation

In many cases, your home owner's insurance will cover the cost of restoring your attic back to it's new condition. Typically, this cost is covered for "Non-rodent activity". Non-rodent activity is most often raccoons, opossums and bats. Rodents are not typically covered, which would be rats and squirrels.

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